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Believe in yourself, show respect for each other and together we succeed.

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Senior Management Team 


Acting Headteacher - Mrs E Bradshaw

Deputy Headteachers - Miss Hurry & Miss Clarke 

Ms. Conduct- SENCO & Inclusion Lead

Senior Leadership Team


Miss Cyrus -Lower Key Stage Two leader

Mrs. Young - Upper Key Stage Two Leader

Extended Leadership


Richard Clarke - Curriculum

Emma Bonham - Phonics

Rebecca Banfield - Maths


Nursery Teachers


Mrs Butler

Year Reception Teachers


Mrs. Evans

Mrs. Gould

Mr. Collin


Year One Teachers


Miss Grant

Mrs. Millroy / Mrs. Hardy

Miss Banfield


Year Two Teachers


Miss Curtis 

Miss Bonham

Miss Cascarina

Year 3 Teachers


Miss Cyrus

Miss McGuinness

Miss Kipps

Year 4 Teachers


Mr. Davies

Mrs Baker

Mrs. Stone / Mrs. Moore


Year 5 Teachers



Miss Chandler

Mrs. Young

Mr Wilcox

Year 6 Teachers


Miss Draycott

Mr Clarke

Miss Pieropan

Family Support Team


Mrs. Robinson 

Mrs. Rowley

Mrs. Phillips


Office Staff 


Mrs. Wehrli - Finance Officer

Mrs. Rawlings- Office Manager (p/t)

Mrs. Rogan- Office Manager/Admin Assistant

Mrs. Palmer- Admin Assistant (p/t)

Mrs. Giddy - Finance Assistant  (p/t) 



Site Manager -  Mr S Cunningham

Nursery Support Staff


Mrs. Holloway

Mrs Kashi



Year Reception Classroom Support


Miss Fawcett

Miss Hunt

Mrs Cover


Year One Classroom Support


Mrs. Taylor

Mrs. Winter

Mrs Dimond


Year Two Classroom Support



Mrs. Gaughan

Mrs. Scott (HLTA)

Miss Collison (p/t) (HLTA)  / Miss Day (p/t)

Year 3 Support


Mrs Sturge

Ms Massaro


Year 4 Support


Mrs Smith

Mrs Cole

Year 5 Classroom Support


Mrs Ward (HLTA)

Mrs Gordon

Year 6 Classroom Support


Mrs Payne

Mrs Kaso

SEND Support



Mrs. Cover

Mrs. Brooks

Mrs. Ferguson

Mrs. Long


PPA Support


Miss Collett - teacher

Ms Casas  teacher- Spanish

Jack of all Sports PE Coaches

Mrs. Gordon (HLTA)


Apprentice TA Support