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ECO Committee

The new Eco committee is up and running and is being led by Miss Bonham and assisted by Mrs Lane, Mrs Cole and Mrs Patrick. The role of the Eco Representative is an important one and all of our class representatives show a high level of responsibility towards their Eco role. All Eco Representatives work on projects outlined in their action plan and attend regular meetings where they are the Eco voice for their year group. The Eco Representatives for this year are:

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The 2017 Eco-committee:


Year 1:

Miss McGuinness: Gino B
Miss Curtis: Chloe H
Miss Banfield: Jack B

Year 2:
Miss Draycott: Finlay K
Miss Pieropan: Amelia P
Mrs Davey: Sonny H


Year 3:
Miss Chandler: Emma C
Miss Cyrus: Violet J
Miss West: Lyla C

Year 4:
Miss Mcarney: Harry C
Mr Hawkins: Ava C
Miss Sivill: Iman Y


Year 5:
Mr Brown: Ronnie S
Miss Francis: Lily M
Miss Kipps: Shane T


Year 6:
Mrs Young: Tori B
Miss Kapnisis: Jack H
Mr Clarke: Bianca N

New School Trees

The Eco club had a busy afternoon working on the 30 tree saplings that were planted last year on the school field. The grass around the tree bases needed to be cleared to help the trees to grow and the club added woodchip and made sure each tree was safely tied up. The club recorded their work on the Eco boards and reported back to their classes about protecting this tree area. They also made litter posters to put up around school next week.

The Orchard Project

Our eco-committee took part in an enjoyable afternoon workshop with Stephanie from The Orchard Project, all about trees at the Waltham Abbey garden orchards. The children took part in activities including: A blindfold tree identification game, bark and leaf rubbings, apple collecting, pruning and weeding around tree bases and tree care discussions. They learnt about how trees and orchards are planted and the importance of looking after trees and habitats.