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Believe in yourself, show respect for each other and together we succeed.

We are collecting for a local food bank, any donations gratefully received thank you. We have new class names! Year R Miss Hammond- Fuchsia, Miss Bonham – Rose, Miss Chadwick- Magenta. Year 1 Miss Cyrus-Lavender, Miss Curtis – Orchid, Miss Draycott- Violet, Year 2 Mrs. Davey- Turquoise, Miss Withy-Navy, Miss Pieropan-Aqua. Year 3 Miss Beachamp-Coral, Miss West- Amber, Mrs. Copsey / Mrs. Pavett-Copper. Year 4 Mr. Hawkins-Lime, Miss Francis-Mint, Mr. Clarke-Fern. Year 5 Mrs.Moore-Scarlett, Ms. Conduct-Chilli, Miss Kipps-Cherry. Year 6 Mrs. Young-Sapphires, Miss McCarney-Emeralds, Miss Kapnisis-Rubies.

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